Masonic Lodge Websites That Work!

Anyone can build Masonic Lodge Websites. Want one that works?
We are waiving all set up fees, building and start up costs. ZERO
ONLY active Masonic Lodges in the U.S. are eligible for this offer.

Would your lodge invest $30 annually for a proven, tested
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Our websites have been referred to as a one stop shop for
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Our website program is helping individual Masonic Lodges use the
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People are using the web to find and research what they need,
and they have made the decision to proceed when they find it!

Your future candidates are already searching the Net for your lodge.
Statistics show the average Internet user is mid 30’s with a college
education, and earning above $50,000 annually. That would be a
good prospect pool for future Masons. Is your website ready?

No one should doubt for a moment that the Internet is the primary
information tool for the younger and more tech savvy future Masons.

With proper use, the Internet will become THE recruitment tool
for those who will seek membership in our local Masonic Lodges.
Some of these men will become our 21st Century Masonic leaders.

The groups and clubs that are competing for the attention, minds,
and dollars of our future Masonic candidates are already on the web.

A Masonic Lodge website can be your 24/7 sales representative and
make it easy for the members to refer others to their lodge website.

We use the Search Engines to attract immediate attention and we
will then promote your website to targeted and receptive visitors.

Google and Yahoo send our websites FREE & interested traffic daily!
See current rankings for:  Blanco Lodge  Beebe Lodge  Jackson WY

A website is both cost effective and a great investment for your lodge.
To complete your lodge website, we will need just 3 things from you!

FIRST – A valid email address is required for receiving email inquiries!

SECOND – We will need the lodge information to build your website.
View suggestions at: Masonic Lodge Home Page Suggestions

THIRD – A nice clear photo of your lodge for your website.

Check out the “SAMPLE” website for Anytown Masonic Lodge

Your lodge can now have a functioning, customized website and your
website will be on auto-pilot. You just handle incoming email inquiries!

Visit a few Masonic Lodges currently using our website program
New Palestine  Jackson  Kodiak  Blanco  Beebe

Our Masonic future depends on many things, but mostly on us
If Masons don’t use the Internet wisely, our competition will.”

Our custom Masonic Lodge Websites are only $30 per year

You want to help make Masonic history, or become part of it?
We need to take charge of our future now, or risk losing it.

Your Lodge website includes everything needed and much more!

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