Insider Tour of the Masonic Lodge

The Masonic Lodge interior seems to be so well organized, and
thought out, yet it holds many mysteries to the young Mason.

It takes a bit of time to understand the function of each officer
and the layout of the lodge interior. After reading this page, you
should feel more comfortable amongst your brethren when you
come to the Lodge meeting next month.

The area of the Masonic Lodge that is commonly referred to as
the "East" is where the Master of the lodge is seated. The Master
of the lodge is elected by the brethren of the lodge annually.

He is the "boss", and the ruling of the lodge rests squarely on his
shoulders. The Master is like the CEO of the group.

Directly across the lodge from the Master in the West is the Senior
Warden seat. The Senior Warden is the #2 man in the line up.

The Junior Warden is seated in the South of the lodge to the left
of the Master in the East.

The Junior Warden, Senior Warden, and the Master, are the top
3 officers of the Masonic Lodge. All officers will assist in the day
to day functions and of course, at the meetings.

The Secretary's Desk is to the left of the Master's station. His duty
is to record all Lodge proceedings. He is also in charge of receiving
all incoming money. He will turn the money over to the Treasurer.

To the right of the Master is the Treasurer seat. His duty is to pay
bills approved for payment and conduct financial affairs for the lodge.

Both Treasurer and Secretary will perform a variety of duties that
are critical to the success and smooth functioning of the lodge.

The Senior Deacon is seated to the right of the Worshipful Master
the right and in front of the Treasurer. His responsibility includes
the introduction of lodge visitors.

The Junior Deacon is seated in front and right of the Senior Warden.
The Junior Deacon's place is just inside the door of the Lodge Room
where he serves as The Inner Guard. He also is responsible for the
admitting of members and visitors.

The Outer Guard is called the Tiler in many lodges. He will remain
outside during meetings to make sure only qualified people enter.

The Masters of Ceremonies are usually appointed by the Master.
Their place is in front on either side of the Junior Warden.

The Chaplain looks after the spiritual side of the Masonic Lodge.

The altar is placed in the center of the Masonic Lodge and you
will find one in every lodge. The book that is on the altar will vary
depending on the lodge location and the beliefs of the brethren in
the area. Don't be surprised to see more than one book on the altar.

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