Masonic Questions and Answers

The depictions of Masonic Lodges have ranged from one extreme
to the other over the centuries. There has been hilarious parody
as well as sinister depictions of villainy in Western media.
When it comes to facts, most people will claim that they don't
know much about the organization known as the Freemasons.

Many people remember an uncle, father or grandfather who was
a Mason, and recent popular movies created a brief spike in the
interest level of Masonry.

Masonic History
Freemasonry has existed for such a long time that the beginnings
of the organization are quite obscured. According to folk history,
they are descended from the group of builders who constructed
King Solomon's Temple in Biblical times.

Some accounts of history point to their origins as resting with the
masonry guilds of Medieval Europe. Others believe that Masons
are descended directly from the Knights Templar group.

The first appearance of the modern Masons occurred in London,
where the first Grand Lodge was created in 1717.

Masonic Membership
Because lodges are private affairs, there are restrictions on who
can join. Because all Grand Lodges are mostly self-governing,
the regulations vary, but tend to follow a basic template.

Members must be of at least the minimum age, believe in a
Supreme Being of some sort, be of good morals & reputation,
plus provide favorable references to his character.

Masonic Secrecy
The Masons have been shrouded with secrecy, from days of
old through today. Some things intrigues most, confuses some
and makes others wary.

Thanks to movies and popular media, Masons have something
of an undeserved sinister reputation. It cannot be denied that
there is a secret aspect to Freemasonry, but when looked at
objectively, the secrecy is no more than other fraternities.

With a little bit of thought, you'll realize that that Masons have
the same amount, or less secrecy than many other organizations.

What do Masonic Members do?
Stories and rumors aside, one of the chief concerns of the Masons
is good works. You'll find plenty of Masons involved in activities
that promote the community and help the less fortunate.

The contemporary Freemasons are widely involved in many
charitable and community based activities. Money is collected
by holding fund raisers and donations of lodge members. That
money is used for charitable causes.

Modern Freemasons are very active in medical & educational
projects, local foodbanks, Adopt-A-Street, and Child I.D.
Programs. Reliable statistics state that modern Masonry
contributes in excess of two MILLION dollars per day
to charitable programs worldwide.

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